VW Group selects Relectrify as a global startup collaborator

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VW Group selects Relectrify as a global startup collaborator

With a target of 2-3 million electric cars sold annually by 2025, and a recently announced plan to offer electric versions of all 300 vehicle models by 2030, the Volkswagen Group – which includes brands VW, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, and joint ventures with SAIC, JAC, among others – is swiftly becoming one of the key movers in future electric mobility.

It is therefore all the more exciting that VW Group has selected Relectrify as one of five global deep-technology startups to join the group’s Munich-based VW Data:Lab for its Startup Collaboration Program. Under the program, Volkswagen provides €30,000 funding to accelerate collaborations between Relectrify and VW group companies on topics relating to advanced battery management systems and battery data analytics. Relectrify Co-Founder Valentin Muenzel will lead Relectrify involvement on-ground and is based in Europe from October until January.

VW Startup Collaboration Space’s project manager Dr. Zach Izham stated that “Bringing Relectrify into the VW Startup Collaboration was a ‘no-brainer’.”

“With the number of electric cars that will be produced,” he says, “there simply needs to be a strategy for what happens with batteries subsequently. Relectrify provides a viable solution for battery second life.”

Relectrify Co-Founder Valentin Muenzel and VW’s André Radon discussing the joint collaboration with VW Group CIO Martin Hofmann

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