The ReVolve® featuring CellSwitch™ technology

Built with nine EV battery packs and powered by Relectrify’s CellSwitch™ technology, the ReVolve® has achieved two world firsts.

It is the first commercial and industrial (C&I) inverterless AC battery to be certified to internationally recognised IEC safety standards.

It is also the first battery energy storage product built with second-life EV batteries to attain certification for operation on the Australian and New Zealand electricity grids.

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Validation of the ReVolve®

The ReVolve® product has successfully proven the customer suitability and commercial scalability of Relectrify’s technology. Its certification independently validates the safety and grid-compliant operation of CellSwitch™. Relectrify is currently only deploying ReVolve® units for select customers.

Play the video to see the making of the ReVolve®.


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Customers now have the opportunity to work with Relectrify to develop new battery systems to bring longer-lived and more cost-effective energy storage solutions using our CellSwitch technology. Find out how you can work with us to create new innovative battery energy storage products.

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