Why CellSwitch™ is revolutionary for batteries

Conventional vs. CellSwitch™

In conventional systems, battery performance and longevity is limited by the weakest cell in a string.

Cell-level control solves this.

Relectrify CellSwitch™ technology manages each cell individually, allowing the available energy in every cell to be utilised to its maximum, solving this significant limitation of conventional systems.

A simpler system

This is achieved by replacing the busbars and battery management system (BMS) of a conventional system with circuit boards containing electronic switches that control each individual cell.

Eliminating the inverter

The ability to switch individual cells also means that Relectrify can generate a smooth, grid-compliant alternating current (AC) sine wave directly from the battery pack, eliminating the need for conventional inverters.

This results in a simpler and lower-cost battery storage system.

Minimising variation

Over time, each cell is individually managed to minimise variation as the pack ages.

Maximising utilisation

The result is that Relectrify can maximise the capacity utilisation of the pack and extend the operational life of the battery by 20 to 30%.

Increasing throughput

The additional throughput is able to be delivered simply because Relectrify can extract the energy that is not able to be accessed in a conventional system because conventional systems are limited to the performance of the weakest cell in every string.

Improved safety & reliablity

Cell-level control improves safety and reliability.

Failed or unsafe cells are electronically bypassed from operation, without compromising the availability and performance of the rest of the system. The system can continue to operate avoiding outages and downtime.

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Will CellSwitch™ work for my business?

If you design or build battery energy storage products, Relectrify CellSwitch™ technology can help you improve your competitive proposition.

If you own and deploy battery energy storage systems, using products built with CellSwitch™ can improve the performance of your assets.

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15-30% reduction in cost of power electronics for stationary batteries

20-30% increase in system throughput (MWh) by accessing unused capacity

Improved safety and reliability

Up to 25% reduction in footprint and real estate costs

Use lower-cost cells without detriment including second-life or lower-grade

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