Safer, simpler, smarter,
lower-cost, and longer-lasting batteries

Relectrify CellSwitch™ technology delivers significant improvements in longevity, throughput, performance and safety while reducing both up-front and operating costs.

We achieve this by eliminating the need for an inverter while simultaneously solving the problem inherent in conventional systems of weak cells constraining the performance and capacity of entire strings. 

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Technology benefits

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Relectrify supplies CellSwitch technology to companies who manufacture battery energy storage systems, including battery manufacturers and battery integrators.

CellSwitch™ can help you and your end customers gain a competitive advantage with lower cost, longer life battery storage products. 

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Simpler and higher performing products at lower cost

Potential to offer longer, market-leading warranties

Greater supply chain flexibility enabled by the ability to use wide variety of cell types

Suitable for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility applications

Higher reliability and reduced maintenance costs

Enables economic re-purposing of second-life electric vehicle batteries

Validated by global leaders

Relectrify’s technology has been validated by industrial companies and utilities around the world including American Electric Power in the United States, Chubu Electric Power in Japan and Counties Energy in New Zealand.

Relectrify has also achieved world first certifications of cell-level level control technology in our ReVolve® product to global safety standards and the Australia / New Zealand grid code.

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