Simpler system. Superior Performance.

Through Relectrify CellSwitch technology, battery energy storage systems deliver significant improvements in longevity, performance and safety—without costing more.

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Relectrify develops products with our game-changing CellSwitch technology, that empower C&I and utility battery owners to improve their returns and lower their operating costs.

As well as developing our own products, Relectrify provides modules or electronics to companies who manufacture battery energy storage systems, for inclusion in their own products.

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Longer life and greater throughput generates more revenue from the battery asset

Simpler and more reliable, with fault tolerance for greater uptime

Easiest capacity maintenance, augmentation and swap-outs with zero balancing issues

Lower operational costs

Safer solution from cell-level analytics and individual cell by-passing

Class-leading energy density reduces real estate and associated costs

Validated by global leaders

Relectrify has achieved world-first certifications for cell-level level control technology in our ReVolve® product to global safety standards and grid codes.

Relectrify’s technology has been validated by industrial companies and utilities around the world including American Electric Power in the United States, Chubu Electric Power in Japan and Counties Energy in New Zealand and various industrial customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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