Chubu Electric Power (Chubu) commissioned the first product featuring Relectrify’s CellSwitch™ in Japan. The product was assembled and commissioned locally by Aichi Electric Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Chubu from components supplied by Relectrify in Australia.

“Developing a large-scale storage battery system that is safer, less expensive, reusable, and has a longer life than conventional battery offerings is essential for achieving carbon neutrality, and we hope that this pilot will help us discover that possibility,” said Chubu Business Development Division General Manager Kazuaki Ishikawa

Chubu is Japan’s third largest electric utilities provider in terms of electric energy sold. As part of the company’s Zero Emissions Challenge 2050, an initiative aimed to attain net zero CO2 emissions for the entire business, Chubu plans to maximize and combine their solutions expertise with innovative technologies, like Relectrify’s.