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Relectrify presents in South Korean Academies of Engineering program

Pictured above: CEO and Co-Founder Val Muenzel representing Relectrify from our headquarters in Abbotsford, Australia, as this year’s edition was held virtually.

The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK) hosts every year the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS). This year’s event was opened by Samsung Electronics’ CEO Kim Kinam, who is also Chairman of the NAEK, followed by South Korea’s Prime Minister Sye-Kyun Chung, highlighting the importance of the program for the industry and communities. This year’s topic, Engineering a better world: Smart Society, focused on integrating various solutions and technologies to support a rising integration of smart societies around the world. Relectrify was selected as one of eight startups globally to discuss the potential challenges and concerns associated with a deeper integration of technology into our societies, and what can be done to overcome these.

Relectrify presented its solution to address rising concerns in the area of smart energy networks. Relevant for both urban and remote communities, and commercial and industrial storage, Relectrify’s technology overcomes a multitude of challenges that come with the use of battery packs for energy storage, including their high price point and short lifetime. As presented by our CEO and Co-Founder Val Muenzel during the CAETS 2020, the technology incorporates a mix of hardware and software solutions to combine the traditional battery management system and inverter into one better performing lower-cost solution. This technology creates an opportunity to effectively reuse battery cells from retired electric vehicles (EV) batteries, addressing concerns of an increasing amount of EV batteries ending in landfill.

Relectrify’s involvement in the program adds to a growing momentum and interest in affordable energy storage solutions, most recently highlighted by Relectrify’s latest US commercial battery install in Chicago.

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