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Christoph Ostermann joins Relectrify as a Global Market & Strategy Advisor

Relectrify is delighted that Christoph Ostermann has joined Relectrify as a Global Market & Strategy Advisor to help Relectrify scale its activities in Europe and beyond. 

Christoph co-founded and led the global battery company sonnen through exceptional growth for over 10 years, including through its successful acquisition by Shell. 

Christoph today leads green fortress, a cleantech investment firm, and is involved in several renewable energy, utilities and technology companies and government organisations including ESFORIN, an energy trading technology innovator and renewable energy company 1KOMMA5°. 

The Relectrify team is excited to have Christoph with his world-leading battery sector experience and deep passion for scaling transformative companies onboard for Relectrify’s growth journey.  

“I’m passionate about technologies that will lead us toward a reliable and affordable clean energy future,” said Ostermann. “Relectrify’s innovative technology can transform battery energy storage, saving customers money and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.”

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