Relectrify’s CellSwitch makes inverters obsolete

CellSwitch is our game-changing technology that enables battery storage asset owners to achieve >20% more revenue from their assets – at lower upfront and operating costs. 

CellSwitch is an integrated battery power electronics system that replaces both the Battery Management System (BMS) and the bi-directional inverter in a conventional battery storage system.

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CellSwitch delivers big benefits for energy storage

CellSwitch delivers a simpler battery energy storage system with a longer life and better performance — all at a lower cost.

Relectrify engineers products containing our CellSwitch technology. We also sell modules and electronics to manufacturers of energy storage solutions for seamless integration into their products. 

20-30% increase in system throughput (MWh)

20-30% extension of system lifetime

Up to 25% improvement in energy density and real estate savings

Better safety from individual cell monitoring and control

Increased reliability and uptime from industry-leading fault tolerance

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Relectrify’s unique cell-level battery control technology has the potential to unlock significant cost, lifetime, safety and resilience benefits for battery systems, whether they are repurposed EV batteries or new stationary energy storage systems.

Lisa Coca, Partner

at Toyota Ventures Climate Fund

Our industrial installation of Relectrify’s technology provides a clear pathway to life-extended and lower-cost battery storage.

Ram Sastry, VP of Innovation & Technology

at American Electric Power

Relectrify’s technology is poised to meet the voracious global demand for better performing energy storage solutions that sit at the center of the global transition to renewables.

Alex Luce, General Partner

at Creative Ventures

It has been great to see our extensive testing confirm that these batteries controlled by Relectrify’s technology meet the core technical and functional requirements required from battery storage, in a wide variety of applications relevant to Counties Energy as an electricity utility.

Moonis Vegdani, Group Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

at Counties Energy

Relectrify’s innovative technology can transform battery storage.

Christoph Ostermann, Co-Founder & former CEO

of Sonnen

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