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Relectrify and Dynamic Manufacturing US deploy second-life EV batteries in industrial storage

Pictured above: Relectrify’s 3-phase 60kWh battery system at Dynamic’s facilities in Hillside, Illinois

Leading US remanufacturer Dynamic Manufacturing and battery technology company Relectrify have jointly taken into operation Relectrify’s latest energy storage solution: a next-generation commercial and industrial battery system. The storage system combines Relectrify’s BMS+Inverter technology with battery packs from several Nissan Leaf electric vehicles (EVs) to provide a 3-phase 380-480V output suitable for commercial and industrial use. The enabling Relectrify control technology, which uses cell-level control to avoid the need for a costly inverter, has already been extensively proven in a multitude of demonstrations including with US utility AEP since it was first announced in January 2020.

The Relectrify battery, installed in early August, supports a newly constructed EV battery remanufacturing space within Dynamic Manufacturing’s nearly one million sqft drive train remanufacturing facilities in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

“Dynamic Manufacturing is taking our decades of expertise as a leading automotive parts remanufacturer into the future of electrified transportation”, highlighted Dynamic Manufacturing Chairman and Executive Vice President, Johnny Bellantuono. “With over one million electric cars already on US roads, there is a pressing need to find cost-effective and innovative ways of both, remanufacturing and reusing EV batteries. In Relectrify, we have found a world-leading collaborator that is capable of turning second-life batteries into compelling storage solutions.  With sustainability always at the forefront for Dynamic, we are extremely pleased to have found a commercial storage solution that gives a second life to EV batteries.”

The installed Relectrify battery solution, which is designed as a modular system suitable for installations up to multi-MWh, offers an estimated effective energy capacity of 60kWh and power output of over 20kW, at above 89% AC-to-AC round-trip storage efficiency. As a Relectrify first, this industrial storage installation was carried out entirely remotely. This remote installation demonstrated the competency of Dynamic Manufacturing’s battery team and underscored the simplicity of using Relectrify’s plug-and-play BMS+Inverter technology to reduce battery cost and increase battery life in storage solutions around the world. The battery pack provides energy recovery and peak-shaving support to Dynamic’s new 6,000 sq. ft. EV battery re-manufacturing facility.

“Standard batteries available on the market today remain quite costly and short-lived. Suitable for both new and second-life batteries, our BMS+Inverter technology increases lifetime around 20-30% while also reducing the cost of battery management and inverter electronics up to 30%”, said Relectrify Co-Founder and CEO Valentin Muenzel. “By focusing on strategic collaborations with leading industry players like Dynamic Manufacturing, we can bring to market more affordable and sustainable energy storage products.”

Relectrify’s 3-phase 60kWh battery system at Dynamic’s facilities in Hillside, Illinois.

About Dynamic Manufacturing

Dynamic is an industry-leading and WBENC-certified producer of remanufactured drivetrain components. Since founding in 1955, Dynamic Manufacturing has expanded its products and services in automotive remanufacturing and is now broadening into electrified mobility, through its recently added in-house EV battery remanufacturing facilities.

About Relectrify

Relectrify is a developer of advanced battery control solutions enabling lower cost and longer-lived batteries. Founded in 2015 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Relectrify works in strategic collaboration with battery manufacturers, integrators and companies deploying large volumes of new or second-life batteries around the world.


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