At Relectrify, we have made it our mission to improve the affordability and performance of energy storage via advanced control technology. To achieve this, we offer a range of products.



Relectrify offers energy storage solutions unmatched in affordability and sustainability. We are developing full battery systems for a number of key market opportunities that allow us to leverage the key underlying technology to address strong consumer needs. 

We are rapidly moving through the pre-production stages. More information on our markets and battery systems will follow shortly, so watch this space.


Alongside our products, we offer control-integrated battery packs and modules to key players in the energy storage sector. There are a vast number of opportunities for deploying energy storage, in fact many more than we could focus on ourselves. We are therefore actively partnering with leading companies in markets outside of our direct scope to expand our impact. Our partners benefit from our proprietary control solutions, technical expertise in integration, and the ability to repurpose used batteries in a highly cost-effective manner. Relectrify offers a number of different partnership models.