Our mission at Relectrify is to enable uniquely affordable, capable and sustainable battery storage. We develop and provide battery management system technology for a wide spectrum of battery use cases, including 12V batteries, household systems, and grid-scale storage.


12V PowerTrak Battery

Relectrify is the technology development partner and battery management system supplier of PowerTrak, a leading 12V battery product for use in recreational vehicles, marine, and beyond. PowerTrak combines Relectrify life-extension control technology with upcycled automotive quality lithium phosphate batteries to outperform comparable lithium-ion products in performance and cost. 

Key product specifications:

  • 100Ah storage capacity
  • 30A (dis)charge current
  • 2000+ cycle life
  • 3-year warranty

For further product details:

Home Energy sTORAGE

Relectrify has developed and is in progressed validation for its BMS and control solution targeted at second-life household batteries.  Key advantages are the Relectrify solution's ability to repurpose batteries without a need for sorting of cells or modules, functional resilience in case of capacity failure of single battery cells, and the unlocked increase in battery pack operating life.

Features include:

  •  Wifi and Bluetooth capability as standard
  •  Integrated data logging and analysis back-end
  •  Simplified wiring for fast assembly times
  •  Sunspec compliant inverter communication

Relectrify technology for home energy storage is undergoing technology validation and identification of best channels / collaborators to bring this to market. To be the first to receive Relectrify updates, including all new product releases:   

Broader applications and Strategic collaborations

Capable, affordable battery storage can unlock value for customers across vastly different use cases. Relectrify therefore likes to form strategic collaborations with innovative, sector-leading companies to jointly develop and release uniquely positioned storage products. If this applies to you, we would love to connect.