Repurposed 'second-life' batteries hold tremendous potential for affordable and sustainable energy storage. At Relectrify we are commercialising solutions that make second-life batteries more affordable, capable and long-lived.



January 2015: Our founders identify the opportunity in unlocking second-life batteries via advanced control.

May 2015: Relectrify is accepted into a leading Australian startup incubator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program.

August 2015: The technical concept is successfully validated via proof-of-concept prototypes.

November 2015: Relectrify is recognised by Tech23 as a company at the forefront of Australian innovation.

April 2016: John Clifford joins Relectrify as non-executive director and investor. 

September 2016: The company's kWh-scale prototypes successfully undergo external validation.  

November 2016: Relectrify is recognised by Falling Walls Germany as a leading science-based innovator.

February 2017: A next-gen solar+storage project is launched with Selectronic & IBM Research with Vic. Govt. support.

June 2017: Hong Kong's Environment Bureau invites Relectrify for an industry presentation as a leader in second-life batteries.

August 2017: Relectrify closes a $1.5M investment round, including from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

October 2017: Relectrify and VW Group announce a strategic collaboration on second-life batteries.

May 2018: Relectrify is one of 15 companies selected to join Free Electrons, an accelerator run by an alliance of global utilities.

Future: Many exciting things ahead. Watch this space.

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