Our mission at Relectrify is to enable uniquely affordable, capable and sustainable battery storage. We develop and provide integrated battery management system and inverter technology for both new and second-life batteries across a wide spectrum of use cases, including household systems, and grid-scale storage.

Solutions for Home Energy sTORAGE

Relectrify is already deploying battery and inverter control solutions with manufacturers of household batteries. Key advantages of Relectrify technology are an unlocked increase in battery pack operating life, the ability to use second-life batteries without a need for sorting of cells or modules, and functional resilience in case of capacity failure of single battery cells.

Relectrify technology further includes:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth capability as standard

  • Integrated data logging and analysis back-end

  • Simplified wiring for fast assembly times

  • CANBUS / Sunspec compliant inverter communication

  • Inverter integration offering component cost reduction

Relectrify has commenced collaborations with select pack manufacturers to bring home storage solutions to market.
We welcome battery pack manufacturers with interest to discuss integration of Relectrify technology to contact us:

Solutions for Commercial & Grid storaGe

Relectrify is in progressed piloting of control solutions for industrial / grid battery systems. For second-life storage solutions, Relectrify offers solutions to repurpose full electric vehicle battery packs within their existing enclosure. Enabling multiple battery packs to be interconnected, Relectrify’s solutions offer an affordable, integrated and highly scalable approach for commercial and grid-scale storage batteries.

Relectrify invites opportunities from innovative companies to collaborate on new or second-life grid-scale storage projects in the tens of kWh to low MWh range. In such projects, Relectrify seeks to demonstrate the resulting battery systems’ lifetime-extension and cost-reduction opportunities, alongside their sustainability credentials. If relevant, please contact us:

Other Solutions

Capable, affordable battery storage can unlock value for customers across vastly different use cases. Relectrify technology has been designed to achieve high modularity and flexibility to suit different products. In fact, the same technology has already been used for e.g. sub-kWh 12V battery systems and grid-scale 400V batteries.

As such, we are always on the look-out for strategic collaborations with innovative, sector-leading companies to jointly develop and release uniquely positioned storage products. If this applies to you, we would love to connect: