Relectrify presents at CEFC Investment Demo Day

Relectrify has been selected as one of seven leading Australian clean technology companies to present at a key investment event hosted by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. It found itself in outstanding company, including the likes of RayGen, Redback Technologies, Mojo Power, and Solar Analytics.

Leading up to the event, Relectrify was among several companies featured in the Australian Financial Review. A good write-up of the day is available by PV Magazine

Partnership with Selectronic Australia is awarded $250k Vic Govt grant

A partnership project between inverter company Selectronic Australia and Relectrify has been awarded $250,000 in grant funding by the Victorian Government as part of the New Energy Jobs Fund.

In this project, the partners will work together to develop and use shared communications protocols to enable plug-and-play between intelligent inverters, batteries and weather forecasting apps. It will be the first in Australia to use SunSpec communication protocols to enable compatibility between locally made components – inverters and batteries – as well as integrating third party software, such as weather forecasting apps, into the system. The project will therefore make an important contribution to a project to make renewable energy storage systems more efficient and cost effective.

The grant was announced by Christine Fyffe, State Member for Evelyn during a tour of Selectronic’s headquarters in Chirnside Park. She said, “The research work and practical application being carried out by Selectronic Australia will enable Victoria to be at the forefront in the universal demand for clean energy.”

“This project will ensure that the Victorian new energy industry leads the way through delivering sophisticated forecasting and increased system efficiency within existing locally developed technology,” said Selectronic Australia CEO Rod Scott.

“It is a pleasure to team up with Selectronic Australia to tackle this industry-leading project,” said Valentin Muenzel, CEO of Relectrify. “We believe the intelligent battery solutions that will be demonstrated in this project, hold tremendous cost and sustainability benefits for households in Victoria and beyond.”


Relectrify selected as science-based innovator, presents at Falling Walls

Germany's Falling Walls Conference was established in 2009 to bring together the brightest thinkers and doers with a view of identifying key walls that can be overcome by means of technological or social breakthroughs.

The organising committee chose 20 globally leading innovative science-based companies that have been invited to present at Berlin’s Falling Walls Conference. And we were very pleased that Relectrify was selected as one of these companies.

At the conference, Relectrify co-founder Val had the opportunity to present our vision of affordable and sustainable energy storage to a select group including Obi Felten, Head of Moonshots at Google X, and Marion Horstmann, Managing Director of Siemens’ next47 Innovation Unit, among numerous other key corporate and venture capital stakeholders. 

It was a pleasure to received this exposure and build a rapport with many outstanding people.

John Clifford joins Relectrify as investor and non-executive director

We are pleased to announce that John Clifford has joined Relectrify as an investor and non-executive director.

John brings a wealth of experience in utility technology investments and strong networks and insights in the energy sector. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and Management from Birmingham University and initially trained as an engineer with Jaguar Cars. Following graduation, he entered the private equity sector in the UK, South East Asia, and Australia with the 3i Group and N.M. Rothschild. In 2003 John was part of a small team at Bayard Capital which acquired Email, Landis & Gyr and other electricity metering businesses worldwide to form Landis & Gyr Group, which in 2011 was acquired for US$2.3 Billion by Toshiba.

John holds several Chairman positions, including at HRL Technology Group Pty Ltd, a company providing expert technical consulting and testing services in the energy and manufacturing industries, Metropolis Metering Services Pty Ltd, an electricity metering product and services company, and Gentrack Group Ltd, an ASX and NZX-listed utility billing and customer management software company.

Relectrify on Qantas/TEDx Ideas That Travel Silicon Valley Tour

Relectrify is one of ten leading Australian startups that has been given the opportunity to take part in the Qantas/TEDx Ideas That Travel Tour to Silicon Valley. Celebrating the reopening of the Qantas Sydney - San Francisco route, the tour included the world's first live talks on a plane by leading technologists, as well as meetings at Facebook, Google, Singularity University, Silicon Valley Bank, Optimizely and Twitter.

The trip received news coverage by QantasMashable, The Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph, among others.