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Making energy storage affordable.


The Opportunity

Used rechargeable batteries are widely considered waste. But these batteries have the vast majority of their storage performance remaining. At Relectrify we are turning these e-waste liabilities into energy storage assets.

We have developed cutting-edge battery management technology that is specifically tailored towards reuse of batteries. By combining used but capable battery cells with our technology we create battery packs that are uniquely affordable and sustainable. These battery packs are for households and businesses to store solar energy, saving both money and our environment.

We are rapidly moving through the pre-production stages. Watch this space.

The Technology

The Company

Our Team


Valentin Muenzel

Co-Founder and CEO

Val’s fascination with batteries got kickstarted in 2009 in about the time it took a Tesla Roadster he sat behind the wheel of to accelerate from 0-100km/h. He has since worked on energy storage of a four-wheeled, two-wheeled, and stationary nature at BMWi, Fonzarelli Scooters, and IBM Research, respectively. In fact, he loves batteries so much he has spent 4 years doing a PhD on them.

Daniel Crowley

Co-Founder and CTO

Dan's interest in energy storage developed through working on water-based electric vehicles: building solar-electric speedboats for flat water racing competitions, and designing electric powerboats for offshore races. He has since augmented his engineering roots by helping grow FundApps, a London-based FinTech startup, into to a multi-million-pound company.


Supported by a top crew, including:

Ben Hearne - Electronics

Chris KolodzieJ - Embedded Systems

Zhe Zhang - Electronics/Data Analytics


And non-executive director and investor:

John Clifford

Our Advisors


Darcy Naunton

 Co-Founder and Partner at Adventure Capital; Managing Director of the York Butter Factory.

Edward Lynch Bell

Energy Storage Lead at AGL Energy; previously Technical Engineering Manager at Aquion Energy.

Indrani Tharmanason

Chief Financial Officer at Space-Time Research


Iven Mareels

Professor of Systems Engineering; 
Dean of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Ramez Naam

Professional technologist and author. Adjunct lecturer on energy and innovation at Singularity University.


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